10 Week Workout Program Women – A 10 Minute "Get Sexy, Fit, and Firm" Workout You Can Do at Home!

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10 Week Workout Program Women

This 10 minute workout for women is what I call the “get sexy, fit and firm” workout. You can do it at home and for the most part, it’s really easy. Read this now if you want to learn how you can create a more sexy, curvy body at home in just 10 minutes a day.

Workout for Women

1. Start with 2 minutes of jumping jacks… do as many as you can.

2. Next, do 2 minutes of hula hooping using a weighted hula hoop… this is great for your waist and hips. NOTE: Be sure it’s a weighted hula hoop you’re using since this will make things a lot easier for you.

3. Do 1 minute of fast-paced bodyweight squats… as many as you can do. 10 Week Workout Program Women

4. Rest 1 minute here.

5. Do 2 minute of as many pushups as you can do. You can stay on your knees to make it easier. If you can’t do many pushups, then just hold yourself up in the pushup position for the minute.

6. Do standing high jumps where you jump as high as you can for 2 minutes non-stop.

This workout works your whole body. You may want to “test-drive” this program by cutting it in half… for just 5 minutes. Just do each exercise for 1 minute while still having that 1 minute rest period.

Now, this is an intense workout so you can’t do it each day. It’s best to do this 3-4 days a week, with a day between each workout.

This is a great workout for women. It’s very convenient and gets good results. Try out this 10 minute Get Sexy, Get Fit and Firm Workout and see for yourself how it can benefit your weight loss goals. 10 Week Workout Program Women

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