7 Tips to Develop the Habit of Daily Exercise

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Let’s face it unless you are some exercise junkie making working out a daily habit is not easy. For most people working out is just painful in their minds. Plus, who has time to workout with all the other demands life puts on us. Well, don’t worry because I am going to give you 7 tips that will help make working out a daily habit for you.

Working Mom Workouts

1.) Understand the Benefit – I can stress this point enough. I hear all the time that I have so many things I have to get done I just don’t have  time to workout. First of all, let me be brutally honest with you, unless you have great genetics the chances of you being able to get through life without working out and staying healthy are slim. The body was actually made to have physical demands put on it and without putting those physical demands on it the body begins to weaken and that is when we are more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. Exercise strengthens the body and the mind to allow you to have more energy and live a more quality lifestyle as you get older.

Plus, you may have heard  this before about how exercise speeds up metabolism and burns calories, but what you may not have heard is that by exercising you can decrease your biological age. What do I mean by biological age? Well, doctors can measure certain organs and blood levels to determine what age a person might be from a health stand point. I have heard of people in their 50′s having a biological age in their 30′s shaving off some 20 years just because they exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

As Stephen Covey says in his famous book  7 Habits of highly Effective People “Begin with the end in mind.” Knowing the benefits of exercise and visualizing yourself living a more productive and functioning life as you get older will help you keep the motivation to exercise daily.

2.) Just get Started – The other day I was reading an email from some guy I follow and he was talking about how he was training to run an ultra marathon. He explained that he is not some freak of nature athlete that has always been able to run long distances but told his story of how one day he decided that being overweight was something he wanted to change. He then went on to say that he did not plan on running marathons but just decided to lace up his tennis shoes and start running!

How many times have we gotten caught up in the “Paralysis by Analysis Syndrome.” There are a lot of us that don’t get past the planning stage of doing something because we are too busy trying to figure out well what time is it going to work for me or I am going to need to get new workout clothes but I am not sure what to wear. You just need to get started. Sure if you have no clue what you are doing you should seek some professional advice but don’t keep putting off working out because you have not figured out all the logistics to it.

3.) Develop a set time – Because we are such a “Time” oriented society a critical factor in making exercise a daily habit is to make a set time in your calendar that you are going to exercise. I remember one of my old clients use to tell me that if she did not make that 6 am appointment with me then she would just hit the snooze on the alarm clock and skip the workout. Having that appointment with me forced her to get up so that she did not stand me up :)

I always tell people that if you can exercise in the morning then set that as your daily appointment because if you put it in the afternoon everyone knows as the day goes on that little voice in our heads starts talking to us and justifies the fact that we can’t stop doing what we  are doing to go exercise. If you can’t do mornings then set an evening time and hold yourself accountable to that by either making an appointment with a personal trainer or with a friend.

4.) Have Fun – Most people think exercise is as painful as going to the dentist. It does not have to be painful and miserable. When I used to teach indoor cycling classes the thing I tried to do the most was make sure the class was having fun. If working out is not enjoyable for you and you just can’t allow yourself to have fun then make yourself smile. If you have ever tried this then you know that it is nearly impossible to stay unhappy if you put a smile on your face.

Also, choose activities that you enjoy. If you know you don’t like doing something than don’t force yourself to do it because there are numerous activities that you can do to accomplish the same goal.

5.) Use for personal growth - There are many ways that you can use exercise as format for personal growth. Simply by developing the habit of daily exercise and achieving your goal of improved health and well being you are demonstrating to yourself that you have what it takes to be successful.

You can also use the time for personal growth by listening to podcasts, motivational lectures, sermons, or audio-books. Not only are these activities a wise use of your time, they will inspire you to continue exercising and pushing on towards your goals.

Personally, I alternate between “fun” activities while I exercise (such as watching my favorite television show while I work out on our elliptical trainer), and personal growth activities. Both inspire me to keep exercising and help me to be more productive with the rest of my activities.

6.) Get Support – Getting support is crucial to making daily exercise a habit. I know that for me if it wasn’t for my wife also on board with working out regularly it would be difficult for me, so get your significant other or friend to commit to daily exercise. Also, one of the reasons Weight Watchers is so successful is the support system they have. When people have other people go through the same struggles or challenges having someone their to encourage and motivate you goes a long way.

If you need a support group you can join us on the Facebook Fanpage www.facebook.com/workingmomworkouts 

7.) Reward Yourself – And the final tip to making daily exercise a habit is to reward yourself. I used to have my female clients go to the mall before they started working with me an find an outfit that they wanted and then once they hit their goal they had  to buy it as a reward for staying committed and reaching there  goal.

Find little ways to reward yourself for staying disciplined and it will actually make working out rewarding!

I hope you find these 7 tips beneficial for developing the habit of daily exercise. If you would like to receive my Free report on “How to Speed Up Your Metabolism without doing endless cardio” then fill in the info below and I will email it to you. Plus, joining my list you will continue to get tips on fitness and weightless.



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