7 Tips to Develop the Habit of Daily Exercise

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Do you wake up each morning and have the best intentions to work out but for some reason you just can’t make exericse a daily habit? Well, you are not alone and that is why today I am putting together this post on “7 Tips to Develop the Habit of Daily Exericse.”

1.) Understand the benefits - Probably one of the most important things you need to do is realize that the benefits of exercise. Sure you have heard on the TV or from others the benefits of exercise but I like to use visualizations. Do you remember when you were a kid and they would show the lungs of a smoker or maybe show you a demonstration of lighting a cigarette and showing you the smoke built up in the bottle with all the tar build up. I know it did not work for everyone but that had a big impact on me, which kept me from smoking. Okay, so how can you realize the benefits of exercise? Do a search for someone who has “Type 2 Diabetes” and see what can happen in the late stages of the disease. Search what can happen to a female who has severe Osteoporosis. Look up the financial costs and burdens associated with those two ailments. Once you have done that then turn around and look at someone like Jack Lalanne who worked out a week before he died at age 96. The long term benefits of exercise can add years to life as well as functionality. Constantly visualize what you want the end of your life to look like.

2.) Just get moving - I always love the Nike commercials, “Just Do it.” Well, same here “Just Get Moving!” It does not matter if it is 10 minutes of walking a day the main point is to start doing something everyday that involves exercise.

3.) Schedule it - If there is one that you must do it is this one. Because there is some much going on in our lives time becomes an issue, so take out your calendars and put a time each day that you will work out. Remember to schedule it when you feel your best. If you feel tired in the afternoon then schedule in the morning when you are fresh and rested. Yes, that might me getting up 30 minutes earlier but it needs to be somewhere on the schedule each day!

4.) Have Fun- Too often I see people just going through the motions. One reason I believe Zumba is so popular is that the participants are having fun exercising. You don’t have to take it serious. If you are having a difficult time try smiling for a minute while doing the exercise and I guarantee you it will change your mood. Also, mix pay into your exercise. Go out and play soccer with the kids or throw the ball and play catch!

5.)Use your exercise time for personal development - Use the time you are exercising to grow personally. Download some motivation messages to your MP3 player and listen and learn how to grow in all areas of your life while you work out.

6.)Support system - A big key to success is to have a support system in place. Think about why Weight Watchers is successful and you can trace it back to the support system they have in place. Find a friend or spouse that will keep you accountable as well as give you encouragement. Do not go alone. Shoot, email me if you need someone to help keep you on track.

7.) Celebrate your success – Once you reach a certain goal or milestone reward yourself. Set something up at the beginning and once you reach it then go out and celebrate. It might be to go out to a nice dinner or maybe to go out and buy new clothes but the key is to reward yourself for the hard work.

I hope these 7 tips will get you on the path to developing a daily habit of exercise. If you need some extra help you can contact me at Dave@workingmomworkouts.com or you may be interested in joining my six month coaching program at www.workingmomworkouts.com.

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