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Welcome to the third post in this series. I hope you have found the previous two posts, “180 and counting to finish 2011 Strong” and “Your Big Why” extremely helpful in re-igniting you towards achieving those 2011 goals that you set for yourself back in January. Today, I want to continue with a post on what I call the “90 day cycle.” Hopefully, after reading this post you will have a better game plan on attacking the goals you have. Here is what the “90 Day Cycle” is all about.

I like to look getting things done just like a businesses or sports team approaches things. If you look at both of them you will notice that they typically work on 90 day cycles. For public companies they have to report quarterly earnings and for most sports teams a season usually revolves around a 90 day cycle. But why is that? Well, it is pretty simple and it has to do with time. In order to produce results we need more than a few weeks but we also do not need too long or otherwise you experience what is called, Parkinson’s Law. What is Parkinson’s Law you ask? Well, when we refer to Parkinson’s law in regards to time management it goes like this. If you give yourself 1 week to finish a project you will take one week. If you give yourself a month it will take a month.

OKay, so how does this apply to achieving your goals? Well, if we give ourselves a year to reach them then we will take the whole year, but if we break it down in 90 day increments we will get them done sooner.

Also, when it comes to developing habits and disciplines 90 days will allow you take time off because of a vacation, issue at work, or something else, but still have time to regroup and achieve that goal.

So, here is the action step. Take one or two of your goals and set up a 90 day action plan. Map it out and see yourself achieiving it is the next 3 months!

In post number 4 of this series I will give you one piece of advice that could make a huge impact on your results. Until then, have a great day and set those 90 day action plans!

In health,

Coach Dave


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