Are You Running Your Race?

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I just love the Fall! I know I have said that before

but there is just something about opening the door and feeling that

cool crisp air hit you in the face!


Shoot, this past summer for us it was like 85 degrees at 6 am, so

when I walk outside and it is 60 degrees I am a little giddy! And

since I am feeling a little kiddy today I wanted to write about

something I have been thinking about for a few months now!


A few months back my mother had recommended that we rent the movie

“Secretariat” and watch it with kids. Well, I was a little

reluctant only because my youngest daughter had yet to turn three

and we were not sure if she could sit through the entire movie.

Are you running your race


Boy, were we wrong! Sit through the movie, shoot, as I am writing

this to you today my daughter wakes up every morning asking me to

put on “Secretariat.”


Yes, since the night we watched the movie my daughter has fallen in

love with horses and we not only rented “Secretariat” again but

finally purchased it for her birthday that just passed.


Let me tell you after watching it for the like umpteenth time I

feel like I can be an expert film critic. Now, if you have never

seen the movie I recommended you rent it and watch it because it

really is good and has some very good lessons in it, as is the case

with most Disney films!


And that is what I want to talk to you today about a lesson that I

believe we all need to be reminded about. I know your time is

valuable, so I won’t go into the entire film but Secretariat won the

“Triple Crown.”


The “Triple Crown” has only been one by a few horses in history and

is almost considered to be an impossible feat to accomplish. And

during the time period of the movie the last “Triple Crown” winner

was some 25 years earlier, so the odds of Secretariat winning it

was very slim.


Now, here is where the lesson comes in. You see, what had happened

was the father and owner of the ranch had passed away, leaving the

family at odds of what to do with the ranch and the taxes that were

owed. Going against her family, the daughter, Penney Tweedy, took

over the ranch and put everything on the line because

she believed in carrying out her dad’s legacy and was willing to sacrifice everything

just to see the horse “run it’s race!”


The daughter turned down 8 million dollars because she believed

that much in what she was doing!


So, what does this have to do with you? Well, while we were

watching the movie I had said to my daughter, “Ady, run your race”

and she said back to me, “No Daddy, you run your race!”


And that is where it hit me. Each and everyone of us has our own

race to run. At times things be can extremely difficult and the

easiest option might be to sell out and quit.


However, all you need is a little belief. Believe that no matter

what happens you gave it your best and you didn’t quit!


The odds may be against you but the one thing that no one can take

away from you is your belief. I believe in you but you need to start

believing in you!


Now, go out and “Run Your Race!”


In health,

Coach Dave

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