Can Being Dehydrated Make You Fat?

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Can being dehydrated prevent me from losing weight was a question that a client asked me. It was a great question and one that I thought all of you might like to know as well! You see, I hear all the time people talking about how important it is to drink water and also how drinking water can help with weight loss, but the point I want to get across to you is that water and hydration are essential for healthy living and weight loss can be somewhat attributed to drinking lots of water but you should not except it to be your only approach to weight loss. Below, I will talk briefly about why water is important and whether or not it will make you lose weight. Hopefully, once I present the framework you will know the answer to the question that was presented.

Why is water important?

  • most abundant substance in the body and accounts for 55-78% of total body weight
  • plays a critical role in regulating body’s temperature and metabolic process
  • you can live for weeks with out food but only about 10 days without water
  • when you become dehydrated your ability to perform work and basic human functions become impaired
  • dehydration can lead to blood thickening, increased blood pressure, and more stress on the cardiovascular system

Will Water help me lose weight?

Drinking more water can support weight loss in a number of direct and indeirct ways.

  • some research has shown that it can decrease body weight
  • water has zero calories and drinking plenty of water can create  satiety
  • water helps maintain a healthy baseline metabolism
  • ensures body performing at peak efficiency

So, now that we have a little bit of framework of why water is important and will drinking water help me lose weight I hope you can now answer the question of will being dehydrated make me fat. Remember, there is no magic pill or one thing that is the end all be all for weight loss, but drinking water can help in your cause and also provide the health benefits you need as well!

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