Can Changing Up My Exercise Program Make a Huge Difference?

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Can changing up your exercise program make a huge difference in your weight loss attempts was the question I was asked the other day by a client of mine here in Frisco, TX.

Now, I am always hesitate in answering one way or the other. I guess I have realized that when it comes to fitness questions, the answers never seem to be an equivocal yes or no but more like, well it depends. The reason for that is because every person is different and each circumstance is different.

Now, over the last week I have brought you a series of posts that have been intended to help re-ignite you in your attempts to reach your goals for 2011. Today, I would like to continue with that and use the question that was asked of me above to give you another strategy to reach those goals.

As I mentioned above each person’s situation is different when it comes to changing up a fitness program, however, at some point everyone needs to change up their exercise program. I will not bore you with a ton of scientific reasons why, but I will tell you that when the body adapts to certain stimuli and does not get taxed or stressed differently the gains you see become smaller and smaller because your body needs to be stressed in a different manner in order to break down and eventually rebuild. Pretty simple, in order for the body to grow or change it needs to work harder, which breaks the muscles cells down, uses fat as energy, and then repairs itself.

Now, don’t go out and get crazy and do something that can injure yourself just because I said that the body needs to be stressed in order to breakdown and rebuild. You need to make sure you have a solid base and foundation before doing something and that is precisely the reason why I do not always recommend that you change up your exercise program each time you workout. My point for this post centers around the fact that if you have been doing the same exercise program now for a long period of time and not seeing any results then it might be time to change it up. If you are not sure consult a professional or you could join my coaching program where I help people online by giving them new programs, but change it up.

Okay, so the takeaway and homework assignment for today is to first ask yourself, “Have you stopped seeing results with your exercise regiment and if so, is it time to change it up?”

If you answered yes this could be the difference in making a huge difference in achieving your fitness goals for 2011!

Get ready for the fifth and final post in this series. You don’t want to miss it because it just could be the strategy you need to get those goals accomplished for 2011!

In health,

Coach Dave

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