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Crash dieting has become on of the most popular way of losing weight fast. But before we go any further, we need to clarify that crash dieting is an unhealthy way of losing weight due to many side effects it might cause. Of course there are many types of crash dieting. Most crash diets that work, either drastically reduce caloric intake, or significantly restrict dietary choices. In both cases, the body must “gear” itself toward a period of severe deprivation. Crash diets can show some spectacular results in the short term but cannot deliver permanent weight lose over the long term. When a dieter begins to lose weight quickly as a result of going on a crash diet it is muscle mass they are losing and not fat.

The first tip is do not crash diet for more than three to seven days. That is pretty good tip seeing how you are starving yourself. When you cut calorie intake your body need to get these lost calories from somewhere. Your body will burn some of your body fat, but it will also burn your muscle. Drastically reducing or stopping eating puts you at risk. Crash diets are extremely dangerous for your heart, kidneys, liver, and brain because you lose lean tissue around them. If you don’t eat enough, your body will actually burn the muscle tissue of the organs themselves to provide your brain with sufficient energy to function.

Crash diets, though, can mean different things to different people. For one group, the desire may be to lose weight specifically for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a very special party. Such people just want to look good on the big day, when they might be seeing old friends and family members they have not seen for a long time. Crash diet works best when combined with meditation and vigorous exercise. This allows you to shed weight without thinking about body fat retention. Crash dieting does not require you to alter your lifestyle substantially. Also the weight loss won’t last for a long time. As days will go on the amount of weight loss will decrease and you will reach a point where your weight won’t be reducing any further. Most of the crash diet people are known to gain all the weight back as the most weight lost in water mass.

Try and control your portions at meal times and ensure that the food contains all food groups including protein and fats. Keep fat servings to around 20 grams per day and the protein servings to around 3 ounces per meal if possible and you will start to see weight loss quickly. Crash foods, when combined with meditation and long walks yield effective results. Have a disciplined approach for crash dieting and the results would definitely make heads turn and jaws drop. Sensible weight loss involves just that-common sense. A visit with you family Doctor to set some realistic long term weight loss goals is an important first step. Eating healthy foods in moderation along with exercise will be required if you hope to lose weight permanently.


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