First Physician Updated HCG Diet Protocol Book

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By Mark Smith

Inches and Pounds weight loss physicians, Dr. Larry Vickman and Dr. Constance Odom are the first physicians in 50 years to publish a modernized and improved medical revision of Dr. Simeons original Hcg Diet Protocol titled “The Best Diet You Have Never Heard Of”. Dr. Larry Vickman, a weight management specialist and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP) and fellow colleague Dr. Constance Odom, specialist in weight loss and age management have integrated the latest modern medical advancements and have increased both the daily protein and caloric intake from the original 500 calories/day to 800 calories/day.

In addition to the calorie and protein increase, “The Best Diet You Have Never Heard Of” also details the science behind how RX hCG hormone assists with weight and fat loss, a complete medical revision of all 4 phases of the original Hcg Diet Protocol, physician overview on the seven causes of weight gain, revised phase 2 food guide that includes more choices, phase 2 and 3 sample menus, calorie counting charts, plateau breaking tips, recommended nutritional supplements, exercise tips, most common questions and answers and much more!

The physician’s goal with the protocol revision was to provide the practitioner with a new standard in Hcg Diet weight loss therapy and provide a much safer and more tolerable program for the patient.

Dr. Odom suggests that prescribing pharmaceutical RX hCG hormone combined with an 800 calorie daily intake, 30 minutes of walking and nutritional supplements has shown similar and/or equivalent weight loss results than the original 500 and is tolerated more effectively by most patients. The revised protocol may help reduce the risks of headaches and fatigue due to the higher daily caloric allowance. Dr. Odom also contends that the hypothalamus is also triggered in the release of abnormal fat stores when a patient is restricted to an 800 calorie daily intake.

Dr. Vickman suggests that the increase in daily caloric intake has assisted many patients in completing the entire 6 week course of hCG therapy. He also maintains that the source of the additional 300 calories consists mainly of protein.

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