Fitting Healthy Meal Plans into a Busy Mom’s Life

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Just like a lot of you guys, I’m super busy. There are things I just don’t have time to do. However, no matter how hectic my life gets, I always make time for healthy meal plans. When I first told this to some of my personal training clients that thought I was nuts. Now, is it easy? Not always. But good health is something I value; so the extra time I put into planning and preparing wholesome meals is well worth it. No matter how rushed life gets, you too can find time for good nutrition.

Plan Your Menus Ahead of Time

I heard an alarming statistic from a consultant recently, which he said that over 85% of Americans have no clue what they are going to eat for dinner when 5 pm rolls around. This is one reason we struggle with our weight loss and our fitness goals. Instead of playing mealtimes by ear, plan your  healthy meal plans a week in advance. My wife and I have an excel spreadsheet that lists all of the meals we like to eat and on Sunday we choose from those meals and buy the necessary ingredients.

Weekly menu planning only takes a few minutes, but it can make working healthy meals into your life a lot easier. You can create a simple menu template on your computer like we do or you can take a blank sheet of paper, divide it into sections and write down your meals and snacks for the week.
It’s all about what works best for you. The only stipulation is that a healthy meal paln must be nutritious (no processed foods allowed). Once you finish making your menu, stick it on the refrigerator or somewhere else that’s visible. Oh, and if for some reason you decide you don’t want that meal that night then take another meal and switch them. It does not have to be set in stone but it does need to be thought out!

Get Your Grocery Shopping Done All at Once to Create Healthy Meal Plans

Healthy Meal Plans
“If you fail to plan then you are Planning to Fail” George Patton

I love that quote! Listen, I believe it’s all about planning and you’re more likely to stick with a nutritious meal plan if you don’t have to make a mad dash or impulse buy at the grocery store everyday. Use your preplanned menu to make a list of all the foods you need to prepare your daily meals. Designate one day a week for grocery shopping so you can get it over with.

Now if you are anything like me you probably forget an item or two, so take your list with you to the store so you won’t forget anything. Trust me, this will keep you from running back and forth to the grocery store because you forgot important ingredients. Using a list also helps you stay on track and reduces the temptation to fill your shopping cart with cookies, chips and other junk food.

Prepare Extra Food and Keep Meals Simple for Healthy Meal Plans

I know some of you are not big fans of leftovers but as a kid that is what my mom, whom by the way was a working mom did to make things easier on her. So, prepare more food than you need for one meal so you can have leftovers for the next day. For instance, instead of preparing half of a chicken for dinner, go ahead and pop the whole thing into the oven. When you get ready to eat the leftovers, simply heat them up. Cooking enough for more than one meal reduces your time in the kitchen and makes having a healthy meal plan less taxing.

When you live life at record speed, which is what most of us are doing these days, then sticking to a nutritious meal plan can be tough. However, if you want to lose weight improve your health and reach your fitness goals, then squeezing time out of your busy day to plan and prepare wholesome meals is important. Give the tips above a try – they just might work for you and be the difference between success and failure.

Want a jump start on healthy meal plans? The Diet Solution Program can help. Don’t spend another day with a diet that takes up all of your time and does not give you healthy meal plans!

In Health,

Coach Dave


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