HIIT Workouts For Moms

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What exactly is HIIT Workouts for Moms?

HIIT stands for high interval training workouts and you may recall a previous post about interval training workouts for moms .I mentioned that HIIT Workouts for moms are more advanced but when you are ready they can be incorporated into your workouts.

HIIT Workouts for moms

High Intensity Interval Training workouts for moms is the best way to lose weight because of the following reasons:

  • It combines Anaerobic and Aerobic activity if performed correctly.
  • While performing HIIT exercises you are burning calories during the activity time period but the real bang for your buck is that you will be burning calories after your workout.
  • During your HIIT exercise the metabolic adaptations your body endures will cause it to use fat as a fuel source
  • Still not 100% proven but because HIIT requires maximal strength efforts as well as cardiovascular people do not see muscle loss, as is the case with sometimes losing weight.
  • Bonus – If you are a Working Mom and time is limited HIIT workouts for moms gets it done in less time than traditional workouts.

These are some of the reasons I believe HIIT workouts for moms provides your best opportunity to lose weight. Now, it is important to note that HIIT workouts for moms is different from regular Interval Training in the sense that HIIT intervals involve max effort, where as interval training typical consists of raising the heart rate but not exerting max effort.

Are HIIT workouts for moms for me?

Now, before you begin using HIIT workouts for moms as a form of weight loss training there are a few guidelines to consider.

First, it is not for beginners. As with any time you begin an exercise program you want to make sure you are cleared by a physician or do not have risk factors that could cause injury or death.

The second guideline is to gradually build up. Don’t be a weekend warrior over night and injure yourself. A good rule of thumb if you are ready to attempt HIIT exercises is if you could work at Heart Rates of 70 -85% of your max heart rate without being exhausted.

Third, remember to warm up and cool down. This is extremely important to prevent injury and provide maximum performance.

Fourth, recovery for HIIT training will typically take longer to recover. It is important to bring your hear rate below 70% of your MHR and this could take up to 4 minutes.

Finally, if you ever feel any pain or experience shortness of breathe stop immediately!

So, if you are looking to change up your routine and you are at a level of exercise experience that you can handle HIIT workouts for moms then I believe HIIT is your best way to lose weight!

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