Holiday Foods You Must Absolutely Avoid and Some Simple Fitness Tips

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Holiday Foods You Must Absolutely Avoid and Some Simple Fitness Tips





Just as you are getting close to reaching those fitness goals that you set for yourself last year the holidays now present a huge roadblock in reaching those last few pounds of weight loss. Don’t’ fret because I am going to show you how to avoid putting on any extra weight by avoiding 4 holiday foods and a few fitness tips to keep the calories burning.


Let’s face it the holidays are festive times where people get together and share one major thing, food. While there are a lot of foods that will not undo your diet if you watch the size of the portion, there are also foods that should be avoided completely. Here are the top 4 foods to avoid and why.


1. Egg Nog. This drink features whole milk, sugar, butter, cream, eggs and alcohol. This drink is very fattening and thick, although since it is a drink, one does not feel as though very much has been consumed. This drink is high in cholesterol and calories. This drink also has the effects of alcohol, getting you tipsy and making you feel more thirsty than you really are.


2. Cheesecake. Cheesecake just sounds deliciously fatty and sugary. A single piece of cheesecake can have between 510 and 1265 calories. The calorie and fat numbers for this dessert increases if the cheesecake is an instant variety or made to be very thick and creamy. The habit of adorning the cheesecake with fruits and syrups, chocolate and whipped cream only increases the calories and fats as well.


3. Candied Yams. Candied Yams are really yams, which are good for you, smothered in marshmallows and sugar. Talk about a way to get your children hyper and bring on diabetes, these treats provide you with over 36 grams of sugar per serving, and a serving is not any where near as much as you think it is.


4. Cheese Straws. This very fatty and fried food is tasty, but it does provide over 1/3 of your saturated fat for the day in one cheese straw. These treats are deep fried to a crisp and made of cheese and eggs. These are very high in cholesterol and calories as well as fat.


Just because these treats should be avoided at all costs, it is suggested that you enjoy other snacks, but in small proportions. These smaller portions can even make the food feel more like a treat and the food can also be more filling in small portions. These small portions can also make you feel better about your diet by not making you feel deprived.


Some healthy snacks include pretzel sticks and fruits. Nuts and low fat cheese are also healthy snacks and treats that you can enjoy in smaller portions. Remember, a little bit of almost everything is good, but a lot of anything can be bad.


Okay, now that we tackled the whole food issue let’s provide you with a few fitness tips to help you stay on track.


Although the weather outside has started to turn cooler it is a perfect time to bundle up and take the kids to the zoo. You could buy a pedometer and see how many steps you can take while walking around looking at all the animals.


If it is too cold for you to get outside then why not stay inside and go bowling. Perfect way to get a little bicep and shoulder work by throwing the ball down the lane.


Finally, if you love to shop why not just go to the mall and see how many times you can walk the entire thing.


A lot of times people always equate exercising with working up a sweat or keeping the heart rate elevated but actually it all boils sown to movement. Sure you are not going to burn a tone of calories doing those above exercises but you will be moving and still making creating caloric expenditure.


Remember, your goal during the holidays isn’t necessarily to lose weight but more to maintain and not gain any additional pounds during this time period. Take a sensible approach to eating by avoiding those four foods and throw in some fun with exercise and you will be pleasantly surprised that you did not gain the “Holiday 5!”

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