How do you want to die?

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Squaring off the Curve?” Don’t worry I hadn’t either until one day I was listening to Dr. Cooper, the person who is considered to be the father of American Aeorbics, speak on this topic.

Some of you may recall I talked about why I am motivated to helping people with their health and wellness and for those of you who have not heard one major reason is because my father died from a massive heart attack at the age of 67. I also told you that the thing that really bothered me was that he never saw his granddaughter. I struggled for a long time with this and used it to keep motivated in helping others.

Now, on the flip side of the equation my grandfather lived till he was 97. Yep, he lived a long prosperous life. At the end of his life he had seen the effect of aging but for the majority of his life (age 95) he was active and functionally probably as good as you and me.

You see, from an early age my grandfather worked out. I remember him telling me stories about how he tried out to become a NY City Fireman or how he trained to be an amateur boxer as a young man. Throughout his life he was active.

So, what do you mean by  “Squaring off the Curve?” Well,  Dr. Cooper explains that what is happening to us today is although we are living longer the quality of our lives are diminishing. He goes on to say that we go through life as we age with very little loss of functional capacity then we just drop dead.  Like Jack LaLanne who was doing weightlifting a week before he died at 96 years of age or my grandfather who swam laps up until a few months before his passing.

Compare this to how most Americans are living with a high-risk lifestyle in which each year they lose a little bit of their functional capacity until old age when they are so low in their functioning that they enter a state known as “deficient survival” in which they are simply as Dr. Cooper puts it “wiping apple sauce off your chin.”

With healthy habits you gain 20 more years of functional activity, i.e., the work and play that you love to do that you would not otherwise be able to do over time without leading a fit lifestyle.  Squaring off the curve will not only make your entire life productive and amazing but it will move the delta over 6 to 9 years over, i.e., you will gain 6 to 9 more years of life because of it.

When is it too late to start, never!

In health,

Coach Dave


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