How to shed 60 seconds a day to gain 60 hours a year in FREE TIME

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What if I told you that it was possible to shed 60 seconds a day and that would lead to 60 hours of extra free time to do what you want. I mean that is a vacation or maybe more time to workout!So, is it possible?

Well, the other day I was reading a blog post and the author introduced a new e-book called 100 Time Savers: Cut 10 Minutes a Day from Your Schedule to Gain 60 Hours of Free Time Per Year Now, I am always a little skeptical when I hear these claims but after looking through the book I think the author is on to something.Let me share with you a couple of strategies presented.

  • Stop watching television
  • Automate coffee and breakfast
  • Brush teeth while showering ( I shave when showering)
  • Cook double the food for leftovers later in the week
  • Leave keys in same place
  • Automate email responders
  • Saving emails for later never works
  • Have a clean desk
  • Get a virtual assistant ( You can hire someone in the Philippines for little money)
  • Shut yourself in a room
  • Throw away post it notes (My wife calls my post it notes my little friends)

These are just some of the things that you can do to shave minutes off your day. If you are a math major you will agree with me that the numbers don’t lie. Shoot math majors will tell you anything can be solved using numbers and in this case the numbers don’t lie. Look at these examples that the author states:

  • 5 minutes everyday = 30 hours every year
  • 20 minutes = 120 hours a year ( almost a week)
  • 50 minutes = 300 hours a year (12.5 days or a VACATION)
The numbers don’t lie and if you could shave off just a few minutes a day it would give you a ton of free time to add whatever you want into your life and since this blog is all about health and fitness this is your way to add that into your routine! 

Go check out the book 100 Time Savers: Cut 10 Minutes a Day from Your Schedule to Gain 60 Hours of Free Time Per Year
and take a look at all the ways you can save time!

In health,
Coach Dave

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