Interval Training Workouts for Moms

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Interval Training Workouts for Moms

Interval Training Workouts for Moms

So, you have heard about interval training and are curious to know what exactly it is and how can interval training workouts for moms help you lose that “Post Baby” weight. Well, this post is going to help explain to you how interval training can be great workouts for moms and also give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss.

What exactly is Interval Training Workouts for Moms? 

The simple and easiest way for me to describe interval training is this:

Interval training is basically exercise which consists of activity at high intensity for a period of time, followed by low intensity exercise for a period of time. This is performed several times throughout a given period.

One of the most important and crucial aspects that most people neglect in interval training is the recovery or rest period. The body needs to recover before the next set is performed. The easy way to know if you are ready to perform another interval is by wearing a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor will tell you when you are back down to 60-70% of your max HR.

How can Interval Training Workouts for Moms Help accelerate fat loss?

You may have heard a friend of yours tell you that her trainer has her doing internal training and that her trainer says it is the best way to lose fat. Well her trainer is correct to some extent. There are other things that you should focus on like nutrition but when it comes to accelerating fat loss interval training can accomplish that. How? Well, for a long time we thought that the best way to lose fat was to do long periods of aerobic exercise. Sure doing hours of cardio could get you to your goals but research has shown that interval training elevates the heart rate, which in turn stresses the body and expends higher energy output. The result – more calories burned. Plus, what also was found out after study people who performed interval training was that post exercise the person who performed interval training continued to burn more calories than the person doing regular cardio training.

Are there specific interval training workouts for moms?

If you are a mom who just had a child interval training may not be the best exercise to start with. Your body has undergone a lot of changes. Your body released hormones to relax the joints (Hips especially) so that you can give birth. If you are cleared by your doctor you may want to start to incorporate a little bit of internal training. Listen, to your body though you may not be ready for interval training yet and need to d some other weight loss exercises for moms. If that is the case you may also want to consider a six month program that builds off the previous week and eventually gets you to start doing interval training. You can check it out at Working Mom Workouts a unique six program that not only incorporates interval training but also allows you to do the workouts at home.

Interval training workouts for moms can be the perfect way to lose that “Post Baby” weight, so get out there and start burning those calories.


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