Learn to Love to Fail

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I just got finished running outside and it was awsome! Actually, it
is why I had to sit down right away and write this quick  post.
A few weeks ago I started running outisde because the weather has
finally changed here in Texas! Call me what you want but I am not
going to run outside in 105 degree weather like some of you fanatics. You know who I am talking to :)
So, why am I so excited to talk about failure? Well, today I ran a
different route that took me past a football field and as I was
runing past and jammimg to Foo Fighters on my Ipod
I started to think about the good old days.
Yes, I have been called Al Bundy before and actually I am okay with
it because for me my foundation was built on that football field. I
learned at an early age that you are going to get knocked down and
you have two options.
One, you can stay down and have someone carry
you off the field or you can get back up go for the victory!
Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Don’t relish in the defeat. In
every failure there is an opportunity, a lesson to be learned.
As one of my mentors John Maxwell says, “Fail
Something I think we all need to learn to do more of.
As  kids when we fall we get back and continue to go after
 what we want, but as an adult we let failure defeat and
cripple us from moving forward and reaching success!
If you are feeling down because you have not reached a goal or
maybe you are just frustrated that you can’t seem to lose weight
don’t fret because success is just on the other side.
They say football is a game of inches well so is just about
everything we do in life. Take it one step at a time. One lost inch
at a time! And listen, before you know it you have scored a
touchdown and a victory!
Get back up and go get it!
In health,
Coach Dave

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