Low Carb Diet Tips

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Most diets incorporate a section of the overall diet to cutting back on carbs. Cutting back on carbs is a good thing because it means cutting back on sugar, and of course there is weight loss involved here. We will be looking at some low carb diet tips to help us do just that. Diet plans differ in the amount of carbs to cut back, but they all suggest reducing the carb intake as part of the plan.

There a few things that happen to our body’s when we go through a strict low carb diet. In some case’s, especially in a zero carb diet like the Adkins diet (first two weeks) where the intake is zero, or almost zero carbs. First thing is that after a couple of weeks of zero carbs, our body’s go into a state of ketosis. What the heck is that? Basically what happens is our body’s use the stored fat for energy. We become a fat burning machine. Without taking in any sugar, fat is used as energy so with every move we make we are losing our own fat, and that’s a very good thing. After losing the desired weight, carbs can be added a little at a time. Low carb diet tips can be found anywhere (just google the term) in order for you to stay on track with this. You can find out if you are in the state of ketosis by using strips that you test your urine with. They can be found at any vitamin shop, and they come with a color code on the container. I think the closer you get to dark purple the better.

These low carb diet tips come straight from the horses mouth. I personally went through the Adkins diet a long time ago, about 25 years ago. It was looked at as sort of a Fad back then by the Medical Field. They considered it a dangerous thing to go into ketosis. But as the years went by and more and more people lost weight  with it, it kind of became main stream in the diet industry. I myself lost a lot of weight at the time, a client of mine gave me Dr. Adkins diet book and I jumped right in. After going through all the low carb diet tips in that book and doing the two weeks with zero carbs, I couldn’t believe how much weight I lost. I’m not pushing the Adkins diet but hey, got to be truthful. I’m in my late sixties now and prefer a more moderate approach to weight loss. One that has a certified trainer and nutritionist that can set things up for me and help me to be a slimmer, healthier and more beautiful person. I’m not pushing myself but hey, got to be truthful.;0)–Just having a little fun–. There is plenty more low carb diet tips but we will save it for another day. Hope these were helpful and you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it.


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