Muscle Building Workout Plans- 4 Things A Quality Workout Plan Should Have

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When your trying to build muscle strength and one of the most important aspects of the whole process are your muscle building workout plans.  You need to have a detailed and effective workout routine that you follow in order to get the best results.  I see a lot of people in the gym who want to get bigger and stronger but they just do random workouts without any plan.  This is because many beginners do not know that muscle building takes an effective workout regimen in order for it to work.

Truly effective muscle building workout plans that give you the best muscle gains have these 4 key components:

1.Warming up

The workout program should include warm up sessions. Warming up before weight lifting sessions helps gradually ease the muscles into the actual workout.

You can warm up using aerobics like riding stationary bicycles, using elliptical, calisthenics or some light lifting.

I usually do some light lifting and calisthenics before I do my heavy lifting workouts.  Muscle building workout plans they should include how long your warm up session should be and what techniques to use.

2. Stretching In Your Muscle Building Workout Plans

One of the most important parts of a good muscle building routine is stretching. By stretching I do not mean just cracking your back, and rotating your shoulders and your done. You need to stretch all your muscles completely with proper stretching techniques which your workout routine should include. Your workout plan should also  how to do each stretch and how to focus on your breathing. I recommend that you get into the habit of stretching once or twice a day, before, during and after your weight lifting sessions and on non training days.  I suggest you stretch once or twice per day because it keeps your muscle flexible and loose.

3.  The Actual Workout

Your workout routine should include main 4 factors for every muscle you wish to build:

A. How much you should lift

This all depends all your goals and you level of strength.  Your workout routine should help you sort this out and find the suitable weight to start off with.

B. How many repetitions to do

This will depend on how intense you wish the workout to be.  Typically if you are looking to build muscle strength and size you want to lift weights that only enable you to lift 3-6  repetitions in one set.  Your workout guide should show you how many to do for each muscle depending on what your muscle building goals are.

C. How Much Weight You Should Increase and When

To build muscle you must lift heavy and progressively.  As you improve your form and your strength increases you may add additional weight to your weight lifting routine to further challenge your muscles.  When you see that your strength and form have improved you want to then add additional weight to your routine typically 5 to 10 percent more.

Do not over do it though.  It is a gradual process,  Most quality muscle building workout plans will have you follow a progressive show you when it is ideal for you to increase your weight.One things for certain and that is that the more muscle strength and size you build, the more weight you need to stimulate more muscle increase.

4. Resting and Recovery

A good workout plan will tell you how long you should rest between sets and how long you should rest between workout sessions. This is usually based on your level of experience, the muscle you want developed and how intense your workout is.

If you are serious about building muscle I strongly encourage you to follow a good quality workout routine.  When I started working out I went to the gym and just tried to copy other people and mix it up with my own made up workouts and that was a huge waste of time.  I didn’t get good results and I only ended up limiting myself.  The best way to build muscle strength and size the right way is to follow muscle building workout plans.  Hope you found this useful. You can do it and good luck.

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