Quick Workouts for Moms

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Quick Workouts for Moms

Let’s face it who really has time to fit in an hour and a half gym workout. Maybe before kids but now after post-pregnancy  you barely have enough time to breath let alone spend 2 hours at the gym. Well, don’ t worry because today is your lucky day! I would like to briefly introduce you today to what I call quick workouts for moms. I know you are probably saying that here goes another “six minute ab commercial” but no, that is not what I am going to introduce you to today at all. I am going to introduce you to what I call here at Working Mom Workouts Quick Workouts for Moms.”

So you have my attention what exactly are quick workouts for moms? 

Okay, I mentioned earlier about this not being some infomercial selling you the “six minute ab” program, however, what I am going to tell you is that you do not need to spend an hour doing cardiovascular exercise trying to burn off that stubborn post-baby fat. Short and targeted exercise routines that last 15 to 20 minutes can get the job done. Numerous studies have proven that the body responds to short bursts of activity and builds lean mass and burns calories if done correctly. That is the key done correctly! You can’t just do abs for 15 minutes and expect to lose weight. You need to have a comprehensive whole body program that utilizes multiple joint and large muscle groups. If done properly these type of quick workouts for moms can make all the difference.

Are quick workouts for moms all I need to do to lose weight?

I know it would be nice and conveinent for me to tell you that all you need to do is these quick workouts for moms a couple of times a week and “bam” magic will occur and all that post-baby weight will be gone, but I would be lying and giving you false hope. Losing that post baby weight is going to take some time and in order to fully engage in a weight loss program you need to combine the proper nutrition and diet plan. Working out is half the battle and the other half is to have sound nutritional habits. Now it is beyond the scope of this post to get into proper eating but know that if you eat right and do the proper quick workouts for moms you can lose that post-baby weight!







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