[SHOCKING AD] Babies Should Drink MORE Soda

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Hey everyone!

Last week, my buddy and nutrition expert Nick Pineault sent me an ad that states: “Babies should drink MORE soda”.

Turns out he wanted to catch my attention (which worked big time) and get one point across: what you THINK you know about healthy eating are not facts, but marketing messages. He explains it all in this article below.

Why you eat crappy foods and you don’t even know about it

Nick Pineault
Author, Healthy or Not


Here are some popular headlines ads used in the 1930s:

  • Babies should drink more soda
  • Cigarettes helps you get rid of asthma
  • Listerine makes great deodorant


While all these claims may sound like a hilarious joke these days, they once were considered “common knowledge”, because people thought these ads were the absolute truth.

It’s almost funny how these people had no clue of what they were doing…

But today, things have changed. Today, you do have a clue about what foods are healthy, and what foods are not…right?

Let me ask you a question: where did you learn this stuff?

Need a hint? Like those folks from the 1930s, everything you know about nutrition is the accumulation of YEARS of marketing from the food industry.

  • Milk producers tell you to drink more milk.
  • Corn producers tell you corn syrup is the same as sugar.
  • Canola producers tell you to eat more vegetable oil and margarine.


The reality is this: the industry that makes money selling you stuff is the one making the rules.

Still not convinced? Let me give you an example.

We all know trans fats are bad for us, right? Hundreds of studies show that it increases risks of heart disease, strokes, and can even eventually lead to DEATH.

It turns out it wasn’t always this way.

You may not know this, but scientists actually started to express serious concerns on the safety of trans fats in the 1950s.

Read that again. And again.

Because of the huge pressure from the Food Industry and the overall slowness of the system… It took more than 50 years for the Government to label trans fats, and make the Industry move towards a permanent ban.

Today, your big dilemma is this:

Do you want to take control of your health, or do you prefer waiting 50 years to finally learn that the foods you thought were healthy for you are actually screwing up your health and making extra fat stick to your body like freakin’ crazy glue?

The choice is yours. Continue trusting what the industry is “feeding” you. Or, get the facts straight, and start making smarter food choices right now.

Keep it simple and healthy,


[End Article]

Awesome stuff. Nick talks about dozens of other misconceptions and myths in his latest book, Healthy or Not.

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Talk soon,


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