Get Paid To Guest Post

We pay $1.00 per every accepted blog post submitted and used (we reserve the right to reject articles).

Submission guidelines…

  • The article has to pertain to the topic on this site (online marketing).
  • If it’s curated content, then make sure you add a link to the originating source.
  • You can include up to 2 links.
  • You can include a video.
  • Payments will be generated on the 1st of the month for the previous month.
  • Payments threshold is $20. Once you’ve reached the payment threshold, then you will be paid on the first of the month following.
  • You must be registered and logged into the site to submit guest posts. You will be promoted to do that on this page (register). Once registered and logged in, simple return to this page to make your submission.
  • In order to include link, images, and videos, you will need to use ‘tokens’. Here’s a short video explaining how to use these tokens (this was originally created for buyers of the Article Buyer WordPress plugin):