Attention Working Moms:

“If you can take just one or two of these weight loss strategies and implement them into your Lifestyle, then you could lose that weight that you have been trying to do since having your last child.”

Dear Busy Mother:

Many of my personal training clients who have children find it challenging and often unmanageable to find time to work out and get to the gym. As mothers, their priorities become focused on their children (as it should be) and many mothers simply put their own needs and weight loss goals on the back burner.

It’s understandable. Having one or more children is a full-time job and some of these mothers already have a part-time or full-time career in addition to raising their kids.

I thought about this challenge with as much empathy as possible, since I have always taken pride in providing a valuable service to my clients. The women who come to me do so because they care about their appearance, which I am sure you can relate to. Before the first, second or third child came along, perhaps you had a goal of getting back to your pre-baby weight within just a few short months of delivering, but now that your little one(s) have arrived perhaps the challenges of finding time to work out – or having the energy and motivation- are just more of a struggle than you realized?

Well worry no more! I am sure you have spent hours searching the internet trying to find the answers and solutions to successful weight loss and gave up discouraged because their is so much advice out there.
Well let me introduce myself. My name is David McGarry CSCS . I am a personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist for athletes of all sports, Baby Boomers, Bodybuilders, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Pediatricians and ”Working Moms” for over 14 years. Even though I’m a guy, I do know first hand how hard it is for my wife and other Working Moms to find the time to work out, stay fit and lose weight.

And look no further because I have written a comprehensive and thorough report answering the “Top Ten Answers to the Top Ten Questions in Weight Loss!”

Working Mom Workouts Special ReportIn this special report you will find answers to some of the most asked questions of moms and others who struggle with weight loss.

Over the last 14 years I have been keeping track of questions that my clients asked me and have now for the first time written them down to share with you!

Some of the questions that will be answered are:

Why isn’t it easier?

Do I have to workout to lose weight?

What is a realistic weight loss goal?

And Seven other revealing answers and questions.

So, if you are tired of searching the internet for answers to your weight loss questions and want to learn the truth to successful weight loss then this report is for you!

Working Mom Workouts Special ReportInstantly Download this Special Report to get the real answers to your weight loss questions, so you can start getting real weight loss results. You can this  special report for the price of two lattes! Don’t wait because I am only going to distribute a certain amount and then I will only be sharing this info with my clients. Plus, of you don’t find one helpful piece of advice you can get your money back!

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Coach Dave