The Right Amount of Calories You Should Eat for Quick Weight Loss

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The Right Amount of Calories You Should Eat for Quick Weight Loss

The recommended number of calories is not something that is easily determined for a person’s weight loss goals. There are a lot of factors that need to be addressed before the appropriate number of calories for an individual to eat can be determined. There are websites that help to determine the calorie needs of the individual and take these factors into consideration.

* Exercise levels- This is a very important factor in determining how many calories you should be eating. People who exercise less require fewer calories; however, a very active athlete will require a lot of calories. The activity level of the individual is determined by the length of time during the day that you are active.

* Height- A tall person will require more calories than a short person. This is because the tall person has more of a body to power than the short person. The taller the individual, the harder time the person will have keeping warm and keeping his body in motion, while the smaller body requires less fuel.

* Gender- Sorry women, you will require fewer calories than your male counterparts. It is just the way that the metabolism functions. You will need to eat less than a guy and you will gain more weight if you eat too many calories than a man would gain.

* Current Weight- You may weigh 200 pounds and want to weigh 120 pounds, but that does not mean you can simply start eating like a 120 pound person. Instead you need to alter your weight loss calorie intake as according to your weight. This will help you to be more successful.

* Types of Exercise- Lifting weights burns more calories than simple aerobic exercise. This means if you do more weight lifting than aerobic, then you will need to eat more calories. If you do a lot of aerobics, then you need to consume fewer calories than your weight lifting counterpart.

As you can see, there are a lot of different factors involved with determining the amount of calories you should enjoy. Luckily there are websites to help you determine the number of calories you need. It is important to research these websites to find the best ones for you.

The one I recommend the most is MyFitnesspal.com. This website has a tracking program that helps you determine how many calories you are eating and how much you are burning through exercise. This website works for me, but be sure to do your research to determine if this website is best for you.


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