Who Says I'm Not Eating Ethically Because I Eat Meat

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There is a movement underway to inspire more people to “eat ethically” or put another way, to adopt a plant-based diet.  There are several components to this movement which include the recognition of animal rights, environmental conservation and feeding more of the world’s poor.

However, many meat-eaters are making the counter-argument that they’re not unethical eaters just because they eat meat.  They are making the case that there are several alternatives to giving up meat that allow them to maintain an ethical eating status.  For instance, some assert that buying meat from free-range farmers that refrain from administering antibiotics, minimize the animal’s pain by killing them using less violent methods than factory farms, and who use livestock feed that is free of pesticides and herbicides and meets high nutritional standards is ethical eating.

Others declare that ethical eating does not require them to completely give up meat and that by merely reducing their meat consumption they significantly contribute to the movement to feed more of the world’s poor.  The United Nations has declared that a plant-based diet can feed more people than an animal-based diet. For instance, while 1 acre of land can yield 20,000 pounds of potatoes, that same acre of land when used to raise cattle only produces 165 pounds of meat.  This is why 850 million of the human population is undernourished, that’s 1 of every 7 humans.  As such, this sect of meat eaters assert that by reducing the amount of meat consumed they are feeding more of the world’s poor, thus eating ethically.

Meanwhile, there are other meat-eaters who contend that they eat ethically by doing things like eating venison in an effort to control the overly abundant deer population.  Others, argue that they are ethical eaters from an economic perspective.  They assert that the meat industry supplies thousands of jobs and if meat was no longer a food of choice thousands of jobs would be lost.

Either way you slice it, meat eaters across the globe are taking their stand and just as visibly as vegans and other plant-based dieters claiming that eating meat makes them no less ethical than anyone else.  However, despite the distinct differences in these adverse positions the message of both is clear, which is that a movement is underway to educate and stimulate others to eat more compassionately, take more accountability and be more proactive in doing what is necessary to ensure the sustainability of our planet and its inhabitants.

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